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Tassie medallion of Robert Blair (Lord Avontoun) (1741-1811)

s.d.inscr. base "ROBERT BLAIR / 1792 / Tassie F." CRE TASSIE, James; (Scottish; 1735-1799) 1792 Blair was educated at the University of Edinburgh and was admitted to the Faculty of Advocates in 1764. He soon obtained considerable experience at the bar and was appointed solicitor-general for Scotland in 1789, and as dean to the Faculty of Advocates in 1801. In 1808 he accepted the presidency of the College of Justice, chosen for his incisive legal mind and calm demeanour at a time of prospective upheaval in the Court of Session. The Court was split into two divisions under his presidency in an attempt to expedite Scottish justice. Blair died suddenly at home in Edinburgh in 1811.

(Source: Oxford DNB, 2004)