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"The Practitioners of the Visual Arts, 1578" 1587

AFTER CORT, Cornelis; (Dutch; 1533-1578) AFTER STRADANUS (Jan van der Straet); (Flemish; 1523-1605) CRE BATISTA DIPARMENSIS; (Italian; fl. 1587) This is a contemporary copy of Cornelis Cort's famous engraving (of 1578). Cort, like Stradanus, attended the first art academy, the Accademia del Disegno in Florence, on which the image is possibly based. The engraving demonstrates allegorically various studies, and it has a didactic, circular progression, beginning with boys studying anatomy at the base, and moving upwards and clockwise to Pictura, Statuaria, Sculptura, and finishing bottom right with engraving, Incisoria.