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"The Toilet" 1878

Royal (1) s. in stone with a butterfly; b.l. (2) Inscr.; (printed) above image "SUPPLEMENT TO PICCADILLY JULY 11TH, 1878"
(3) Inscr.; (printed) below image "Imp. T.Way Lond" PUB PICCADILLY PRINT WAY, Thomas Robert; (English; 1861-1913) CRE WHISTLER, James McNeill; (American; 1834-1903) This lithotint was drawn for the weekly magazine 'Piccadilly: Town and Country Life', on the same stone as "Early Morning" (Chicago 9 / Way 7, GLAHA 49016) with the hope that new prints by Whistler might raise readership numbers. "The Toilet" was published by 'Piccadilly' on the 11th July, 1878 and is a second state impression. Second state impressions were printed by machine for 'Piccadilly' and they are not as heavily inked as hand-painted first-state impressions.
Birnie Philip Bequest 1958.