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miscellaneous plesiosauroidea ribs and fragments: dorsal (7), gastralia (16)

Peterborough [district, Cambridgeshire], [England] [probably ex.] [Bed 10 (Hudson & Martill, 1994)], Oxford Clay [Formation, Peterborough Member, ("Gryphaea and Reptile Beds")], [*Kosmoceras jason jason* Zone],[Middle Callovian], [Jurassic (Middle)] One particularly beautiful example of predation damage has been identified: a ventral rib that actually appears to contain a broken fragment of the original tooth that distorted it. Wound tissue was growing around it when the animal met its end.
A rib previously grouped with this 'mixed bag' that is clearly derived from a host of different individuals has been recognised as belonging to *Leedsichthys*, and so has been separated out and given the number GLAHM 109038. Another has been similarly separated out as an example of *Ophthalmosaurus sp.*, and allocated the number GLAHM 109039.