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As machine table 1 travels to the left, stop a shifts stem 2 of valve spool 3 so that fluid, delivered through pipeline 4, is directed through pipeline 5 to the bottom end of cylinder 6, raising piston 7. This turns identical and symmetrically arranged pawls 9 and 10, linked to piston rod 8, about fixed axes, disengaging them from two identical index disks 11 and 12 which are turned about fixed axes A through one division by a driving device (not shown). At the same time, table 1 begins to travel to the right, stop a releases stem 2 and valve spool 3 is shifted to the right by spring 13. This directs fluid to the top end of cylinder 6 and pawls 9 and 10 drop into the next slots of disks 11 and 12, holding them against rotation until the indexing operation is repeated in the next stroke of table 1.