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Influence of the radial depth of cut over the harmonic content of the Fourier spectrum in a milling of Aluminum 7075T6

Influencia de la profundidad radial sobre el contenido armónico del espectro de Fourier de las fuerzas en un fresado de Aluminio 7075 T6

Modelled cutting forces in an Aluminum 7075 T6 milling operation with a Kendu Kenal 4200.61 end mill of 16 mm of diameter, 2 cutting edges and helix angle of 30º. The calculations have been made with three radial depths of cut from 4 to 0,5 mm. The axial depth of cut is fixed at 8 mm, down-milling is used, with a feed per tooth of 0,2 mm and a spindle speed of 2400 rpm.