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Castillo del Berrueco (Torredelcampo, Jaén, España)

Castle of Berrueco (Torredelcampo, Jaén, Spain)

It is enclaved in a rocky promontory of the countryside, near the town of Torredelcampo (Jaén). It is a rectangular fortification divided into two areas: the southern and relatively plain area, and the northern area, which has no structures and shows strong irregularities and a great slope.

In the southern area there is an enclosed zone with three towers, one per vertex. The eastern tower is circular, with a vaulted chamber, elevated from the ground level, and it is accessed through the wall-walk. In the interior of the chamber there is a window, the only bay opened to the exterior of the enclosed area. Furthermore, in this room there are stairs that lead to the terrace. The western tower is square and its interior is accessed from the wall-walk; therefore, these two towers are at the same level. The only remains conserved of this tower to date are the northern wall and the base of the vault that covered it. The third tower closes the southern flank. It has two floors: the first floor is at the level of the yard and the second floor is accessed from the eastern and western wall-walks. Both floors are covered by half-orange vaults.

The three towers are connected by wall sections that originally had a wall-walk, which is only conserved in some points.

In addition to these three towers, the castle has an albarrana tower. Underneath it, there are remains carved in the rock, which correspond to a red ochre extraction area, as suggested by J. C. Castillo.

According to the first hypotheses, the complex was built in the 13th century to protect and control one of the entrances of Jaén.


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Provided by Instituto de Arqueología Ibérica-Universidad de Jaén