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Box of Badges

A box of badges from various campaigns and groups in the 1980s in Ireland. Contains LGBT badges as well as ones in relation to other social change movements, including anti-nuclear, anti-apartheid, anti-criminal justice bill etc.. This mixed collection shows the interconnectedness and mutual support between the various social change movements in the 1980s in Cork. The box contains 37 badges and 9 stickers. 21 of the badges are for the Campaign for Lesbian and Gay Rights, 1 gay badge, 1 Glad to be Gay, 1 for the Lesbian and Gay Conference Belfast 1983. There are 2 badges for the Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement, 4 Stop the Criminal Justice Bill, 1 Nicky is Innocent,1 Troops Out, 1 Men Against Sexism and 1 Blennerville Windmill badge. There is 1 Irish anti-nuclear badge and 1 Support Veronica Kelly (anti-cruise missile protest). There are 9 stickers - Dig Deep for the Miners, National Union of Mineworkers. The badges are in a metal box, originally for Deldycke mini butter waffles from Burges, with a handwritten sticker 'Badges' on top.