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Interview with Carlton Darrell, 8 January 2018

Interview with Carlton Darrell.

[00:00:] His early life in Bermuda; living in a segregated society; his parents; moving to different places on the island; purchase of land near Southampton, Bermuda and building own home; British colonisation of Bermuda; gradual desegregation of the island; move to Canada at the age of 18; attending Berkeley Institute grammar school; interest in history.

[04:10:] Gaining scholarship to attend teacher's college in Ottawa, Canada; boarding at YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association); different attitudes to black people in Canada.

[06:00:] Desire to move to Britain and travel around Europe; move to England in September 1960; living in boarding house in King's Cross, London; clothing he wore at the time; first impressions of England; day spent walking around London; seeing people eat fish and chips; acclimatising to English weather; second thoughts about staying in England; differences between English people and colonialists living in Bermuda; attending a Church of England in London and being invited over for lunch.

[12:05:] Seeking work; wanting to stay close to Heathrow Airport; gaining part-time teaching role at Woodside Primary School, Thurrock; travel to Grays by steam train; his first day on the job; move to a room in South Ockendon to be nearer to work; getting a taxi from London to South Ockendon.

[18:35:] Trip to Canvey Island; meals provided by landlady; move out of room in South Ockendon; renting room in Grays and finding it was infested by fleas.

[22:45:] Making friends with other people from the Caribbean, including other teachers and nurses; joining Grays Roundtable; spending time with Edna Ulett and Sybil Batson, the first Black midwives in Grays; being stopped by the police on the way to a Roundtable dinner.

[27:05:] Discussion of the English history of colonisation; impressions of English people in Bermuda compared to people in England; one experience of receiving racist comment; working as Deputy Headteacher at Woodside and Headteacher at Chadwell St Mary Primary School; having reunions with former colleagues; keeping in touch with former pupils.