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Die ersten Verwundeten und Kriegsgefangenen in Eger [Archive Title]

The First Casualties and Prisoners of War in Eger

The Main Square in Eger. A crowd has gathered in the street to watch the casualties being loaded into and carried away by cars, horse-drawn carriages and lorries. The crowd cheers on the casualties, some of whom are in wheelchairs. Helpers bring stretchers. View of the railway station. The casualties ride in on trains and greet the people. A band plays, behind them march soldiers, accompanied by their wives. Pan over a park with a pavilion. People strolling in the park, others sit on benches. Street views. Spectators watch as a marching band passes by. They wave at the camera. A nobleman arrives and departs again. Soldiers pose. The soldiers depart. Nurses tend to the casualties.

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Provided by Österreichisches Filmmuseum