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Die Einnahme von Przemysl [Archive Title]

The Capture of Przemyśl

1. Between 29th and 30th May 1915 a 5cm artillery battery was brought into position.
2. The enemy’s strongholds were bombarded non-stop with cannon fire for 2 days. In the background one can see the castle and exploding grenades.
3. Although the Russians had rebuilt them, the strongholds couldn’t resist the assault from our heavy batteries.
4. A turret, whose cannon was aimed at the fleeing Russians following the Bavarian troop’s successful attack.
5. The spoils: cannons, guns, machine guns.
6. View of Przemyśl. The Russians have blown up the railway bridges in order to halt the advance of our allies.
7. Pontoon bridges, rapidly constructed by our allies, enable the crossing of the “San” and the continued pursuit of the enemy as a result.
8. A German pilot observes the Russian retreat.
9. Entry of the troops.
10. The population, which had fled Przemyśl and the surrounding area, returns to the town.
11. After the glorious victory, a thanksgiving service was held on 3rd June, in which the joyous population participated.

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Provided by Österreichisches Filmmuseum