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Messter Woche 1915. No. 15

Messter Week 1915. No. 15

1. Berlin: Patriotic celebration of Bismarck’s 100th birthday on Königsplatz on April 1st 1915.
2. Imperial Chancellor, Prince Otto von Bismarck. Deputising for the Emperor, the oldest son of the Crown Prince, Prince Wilhelm von Preußen, took part in the celebration.
3. [To the iron Chancellor in an “iron time”.]
4. Athens: Street demonstrations following news of the allied occupation of the Greek islands near the Dardanelles.
5. War reports from the West.
6. Bavarian snowshoe troops advancing towards the front line. Photographed by Martin Kopp.
7. Crossing a mountain stream. Photographed by Martin Kopp.
8. Rescue and evacuation of a wounded man by snowshoe troops. Photographed by Martin Kopp.
9. War-time evening atmosphere. German artillery occupies a French town that has been cleared of the enemy. Special footage from our correspondent.
10. Artillery reinforcements at the front line: Officers select positions for the cannons. Special footage from our correspondent.
11. Alarm and deployment of the guns. Special footage from our correspondent.
12. Unlimbering and positioning the guns. Bringing in the munitions. Special footage from our correspondent.
13. Infantry advances to attack under artillery protection. Special footage from our correspondent.
14. War reports from the East.
15. Shelters that have been shot to fire.
16. Soldiers extinguishing the burning shelters.
17. A 30.5cm Austrian mortar in position.

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Provided by Österreichisches Filmmuseum