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Mansplaining in art

Added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2018, the word mansplaining refers to condescending and chauvinistic behaviour, often directed by men towards women, but the idea has been around for ages. We take a light-hearted look through the archives.

Equal Pay

Throughout the world, men and women are not paid equally for doing the same jobs. In this gallery, you will find photos, documents and posters addressing this issue.


Hermits wilfully isolate themselves from the rest of the world, being the champions of social distancing avant la lettre. Find out how hermits and cloistered living were depicted in painting, drawing, and more.


Women's suffrage, the right for women to vote, was a long and hard battle that began at the start of the 19th Century. This gallery highlights the feminist fight for social reform and a voice for women in politics.

Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron took up photography at the age of 48 after having received a camera as a gift. Her style, using 'soft focus' wasn't widely appreciated in her times. You can explore her work in this gallery.

Washing your hands

Now and throughout history, in troubled times of epidemic and pandemic, such as coronavirus, washing hands is an important part of personal hygiene, preventing the contraction and spread of disease.

LGBTQ+ artists and art

This gallery features both artworks by LGBTQ+ artists and their portraits from across Europe.

Tranquil spaces

When in need of some calm, explore this gallery of beautifully serene landscapes and peaceful nature views.

Abstract art

Shying away from the figurative, abstract art favours bringing the interplay of colours and lines to the forefront. This gallery features vivid, evocative abstract art in different art styles and genres, from expressionism to symbolism over cubism and sur…

Interesting Interiors

From an artist's atelier to a lawyer's office, from an inside of the church to a bookshop – take a look at all these depictions of various interiors.

Beautiful views

Explore this gallery of beautiful views, vistas and landscapes in artworks from across Europe

Carnival celebrations

Carnival is celebrated mostly in February. This gallery presents photographs, paintings and artefacts reflecting the many ways carnival is marked across Europe. Curated by Europeana Common Culture project partners

Growing Up Black

The everyday lives of people from the African diaspora captured by photographers Normski, Dennis Morris, James Barnor, Al Vandenberg, Armet Francis and John Heywood.

Weddings and marriages

Wedding traditions across Europe vary. This gallery showcases paintings, photographs and artefacts relating to wedding and marriage traditions reflecting our diverse continent. Curated by Europeana Common Culture partners.

Life on Polaroid

Ever since Edwin Land conceived of the instant camera in 1943, Polaroid has been synonymous with instant photography. Browse Polaroids here and read more on our blog.

LGBTQ+ lives and heritage

This gallery presents queer histories and cultural heritage collections relating to LGBTQ+ lives, communities and campaigns across Europe.

Masterpieces of Byzantine mosaic: St Saviour in Chora

A unique overview of the calligraphic mosaics decorating the walls of the church of the monastery of St. Saviour in Chora in Istanbul


In this gallery, we explore the colour green - the colour of nature, acceptance, emeralds and envy. Want to #ColourOurCollections? Check out our colouring books.


2020, in Chinese astrology, is the year of the rat. This gallery presents portrayals of rats in cultural heritage - whether as pest or pet.

Byzantine wall paintings in Kastoria, Greece

The gallery presents a selection of photographs of five eminent Byzantine churches in Kastoria, Greece decorated with wall paintings, dating from the 9th to the 16th century.