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Mandarins of China

Mandarins were important public officials & bureaucrats, playing a vital role in the country's imperial history. The notoriously difficult imperial exams were an important facet of social mobility, granting those who passed a privileged status. cu…

Maps of Europe

For centuries, cartographers and others have defined Europe, its lands and borders through maps.

The human body as marble statuary

The human body has been depicted throughout different cultures and times. As the representation of anatomic details became more accurate, statuary managed to embody emotions, social status, power and relationships, redefining standards of beauty and self-…

Churches and cathedrals

Christian places of worship from across Europe

Air Traffic Control

Always making sure we reach our destination safe and sound, air traffic controllers never get to leave their tower to receive the recognition they deserve. These images of ground control makes these invisible workers visible.

Schools in the past

Stacks of chalks, wooden benches, colorful maps on the wall: these vintage classrooms paint a vivid picture of what school days used to be like before digital blackboards and remote teaching came into play. Gallery curated by Europeana XX project partners…

Bridges of Europe

Artworks and photographs depicting bridges across Europe: spanning rivers, canals, lakes and seas to connect communities, regions and countries Curated by Europeana Common Culture project partners

Around the world in colourful posters

These artful posters from around the world advertise beautiful travels and destinations: from adventurous roadtrips to luxurious cruises a ride on the night train or long-distance flights. Gallery curated by Europeana XX project partners.

Cityscapes of Europe

Paintings depicting cities across Europe

Railway journeys from the past on film

Documentaries, news reports and personal films of train travel in the past

Open-air and living history museums

Bringing history to life


A hub for adventurers, a haven for stranded travelers, a hotspot for foodies and fashionistas: today’s airport is so much more than a doorway to the world. Gallery curated by Europeana XX project partners.

Railway stations across Europe

Artworks and photographs of train stations across Europe

Vintage travelogue films

Family films, documentaries and news reports about holidaying and travel across Europe

Mountain scenery

Explore this gallery of paintings, drawings and photography of mountains and highlands across Europe.

Views of Dublin

Dublin, capital city of Ireland, is situated between mountains and the sea. Explore this beautiful city through photographs and paintings.

Views of Stockholm

Paintings, photographs and artworks depicting Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, its architecture, landscapes and island archipelago

Norwegian fjords

Explore these painitings, drawings and photographs of the fjords in Norway, where land meets sea in dramatic landscapes.

The Greek Islands

Explore the thousands of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea


Take a virtual tour across Bergamo's ancient city centre and historic monuments.