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Masculin Féminin

Do objects have a gender? The intricate relationship between fashion and identity can be explored through the stories of those objects that, for their appearance, history and use, are linked to the theme of gender.

Art Nouveau jewellery

Art Nouveau jewellers styled fashionable pieces for their elite clients. Find out more in our Art Nouveau exhibition.


Lamellophones are found all over Africa. Their names - for example, mbiras, lukembes, kalimbas - differ from region to region, as do the way they are made and, also, the materials from which they are made.

Art Nouveau ceramics

Art Nouveau ceramicists experimented with new forms and innovative glazing techniques. Find out more in our Art Nouveau exhibition.

Fashion for Travel

Ever since travelling became an accessible activity in the nineteenth century, 'travel time' has been made a fashionable event in its own right.

The Finnish kantele

Tradition has it that the very first kantele was made using the jawbone of a pike and the hair of a maiden. Kanteles are generally made of wood, varying in size, shape and in the number of strings used.

Art by female artists

Celebrating artworks by a selection of significant female artists from across Europe and throughout history

Playing the accordion

The accordion is played across Europe, an important instrument in many countries' folk and popular music

Sportswear fashion

We label many activities as 'leisure' - here are some of the outfits especially designed for these kinds of activities.

The swinging 60s

Sights and sounds of the swinging 60s from across Europe

Sartorial masculinity

A glimpse into the history of menswear, as showcased in portraits and photographs of men of different times and places

Haute Couture

Haute Couture is synonymous with craftsmanship and spectacle: this gallery gathers some of the most exquisite examples from the archive

Music in paintings

In this gallery, we highlight paintings illustrating music in various ways.

Fashion from WW1

Fashion from the period between 1914 and 1918 era reflected the bygone days of the Époque, the war itself and the first waves of modernism. Rediscovering how these different styles could exist together and merge is a way of analysing society.


Coats, scarves, furs, capes: a collection of cool styles for cold weather.


Communities from across Europe raising their voices in song

Paper fashion

Over the centuries, fashion has been illustrated in order to disseminate it, fixing its charm on paper. From drawings to sketches, from plates to prints, discover the many techniques implied in imagining and reproducing fashion items, turning them into po…

Masterpieces from the United Kingdom

During the Europeana 280 campaign, we asked British cultural ministries and institutions to select highlights of art from across the United Kingdom.

Masterpieces from Sweden

During the Europeana 280 campaign, we asked the Swedish Ministry of Culture to select highlights from Swedish art collections. Read how they made their selection.

Masterpieces of Spanish art

During the Europeana 280 campaign, we asked the Spanish Ministry of Culture to select highlights of Spanish art. Read how they made their selection.