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Arched harps

Unlike the Western classical harp, the arched harp does not have a supporting pillar, but a string bearer that arches away from the resonator. Found in East Africa, South East Asia and other regions, with depictions existing from ancient Egypt and India.


A pluriarc is an instrument with several bows, each one with a string attached. Found in Southern, West and Western Central Africa.

Take a bow!

The bow of an instrument - because of its shape, weight, strength and balance - can be as important as the instrument itself. Bows have many shapes and sizes - here are just a few!

Sports photography by Heinrich Hamann

Heinrich Hamann (1883-1975) learned to be a photographer in his father’s atelier. A keen gymnast, Hamann portrayed many athletes in action. This gallery pays tribute to his exceptional work, in which movement is captured beautifully.

The Music of Machines

A selection of machines whose sounds are recorded and moulded into music


A gallery of beautiful parrots from Europeana - in paintings, sculpture and photography.

Mediaeval beasts

Depictions of animals in mediaeval times required a good memory - and, occasionally, a vivid imagination.

Mediaeval grotesques

A parade of imaginary creatures found in mediaeval illustrations

Mediaeval birds

A selection of colourful and wonderful birds, as depicted in mediaeval times

Thank you for the music!

Passionate flute playing, guitar wizardry and trumpet serenades: these musical scenes abound in joy and dedication, with a delightful touch of quirkiness.

Wilhelm Weimar

Photographer Wilhelm Weimar (1857-1917) had a highly individual style. His Herbarium of 1901 is a unique portfolio of organic compositions that testifies to his striking sense of composition, texture and detail.

Tea time

How do you take your tea? Served in an elegant parlour, from a flask or during a Japanese ceremony? Since the 1840s, sitting down for a steamy cup of joy has become part of daily life all over the world.

Healthy mind, healthy body

Juvenal's 2000-year-old motto 'A healthy mind in a healthy body' is still valid in today's keep-fit culture. Mental well-being is often connected to regular physical exercise, shown in many varieties here!

The Magic Lantern

The magic lantern was the most popular, creative and versatile instrument for visual communication before cinema. Through projection, the static medium of the photograph acquired new dynamics and a heightened sense of realism.

European landscapes and landmarks

Paintings of the landscapes and landmarks of Europe showing the variety and beauty of this great continent

Highlights of Europeana Fashion

Highlights from the collections of the museums and brand archives in Europeana Fashion

Don Giovanni's tour of Europe

Travel through Europe and see these depictions of Don Giovanni / Don Juan

Celebrity fashion

The meaning of celebrity can be stretched to signify ‘fame’ in its absolute form: something that can be either linked to people, but to objects as well.

Art Nouveau posters

Art Nouveau posters from the famous art movement. The latter half of the 19th century saw an increase in print media and advertising. Explore more in exhibition Art Nouveau - A Universal Style

Clothes for the Ballroom

Balls were an occasion to meet, chat, have fun and... show off! Browse this gallery to find the finest 19th and 20th century creations and toilettes for balls from Europeana Fashion Collection!