Music in paintings

In this gallery, we highlight paintings illustrating music in various ways.

Frederika Sophia Wilhelmina of Prussia (1751-1820). Wife of Prince Willem V, in the Temple…
The Lutenist
Portrait of a Member of the Van der Mersch Family
Shepherd Playing the Flute, and four Shepherdesses
Girl at the Piano
The Serenade
David Leeuw with his Family
Vanitas still life
Portrait of a Violinist
Olga Coulin
La messe d'Adrien Willaert
Allégorie de la poésie pastorale
The Artist's Family Making Music Together
Trompe l'oeil with Violin, Music Book and Recorder
A Musical Company
A Musical Company
Musical Company
The Music Lesson
Rembrandt as Shepherd with Staff and Flute
Still Life
The Merry Fiddler
"The Piper (Shepherd Scene with Shawm Player
The Lute Player
Piano Practice Interrupted
Vioolspeler voor een herberg
Voorstelling van drie Japanse theedrinkende dames. Deze tableaus werden gemaakt voor kruid…
Genremålning. Flicka sittande i stol. Pastell på papper klistrat på pannå..
The Guitar Player
Jonge vrouw aan piano
Woman at the Virginal
Two Girls at the Piano
The music lesson
Merry Company
Allegorisk framställning av musiken.
Zongorázó nő
Genremålning, man med barett och flöjt. Oljemålning på duk.
An Amateur Concert
Vanitas Still Life with the Spinario