Masculin Féminin

Do objects have a gender? The intricate relationship between fashion and identity can be explored through the stories of those objects that, for their appearance, history and use, are linked to the theme of gender.

The Macaroni. A real Character at the Late Masquerade
Abito maschile in due pezzi.
La Regola Estrosa: Cento anni di eleganza maschile italiana, Pitti Uomo 44, 1993 - Abiti d…
Abito maschile in due pezzi.
Trouwensemble van ivoorkleurige zijde
Groom's outfit from Kurdistan
Fashion show Christian Dior
Completo femminile.
Kostuumontwerp voor Chris Reumer als De Rode Elf in Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor (Otto …
Fashion show Daniel Hechter
Mat Horta