Mandarins of China

Mandarins were important public officials & bureaucrats, playing a vital role in the country's imperial history. The notoriously difficult imperial exams were an important facet of social mobility, granting those who passed a privileged status.

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Mandarinos Önarckép (A mandarin)
A Chinese mandarin
kiinalainen ylimystöön kuuluva mies
Mandarin chinois.
Vase (rolwagen) with a scholar-official and his servant in a landscape
Suite de Mandarins, avec leurs femmes, en grande parure.
Sitzender Mandarin mit goldener Kopfbedeckung
Målning, Bildkonst, Painting
Skulptur, Skulptur, Sculpture
Mandarine feiern auf dem Fluss und ein Mandarin erhält eine Petition.
Portret van Li Hongzhang, Chinees mandarijn en onderkoning
Chinese merchant mandarin by John Thomson
präst, fotografi, [email protected]
Wife of a Mandarin
Canton. Interior of a Chinese Drawing Room, with a Mandarin Family and Attendants
Ceremonidräkt, Dräkt
fotografi, [email protected]
Cochinchina und China: Ein Mandarin (Originaltitel)
Portrait of a Chinese mandarin (?)
Mandarino in tenuta d'estate
Mandarino cinese in pelliccia e cappello invernale decorato della penna di pavone
Canton, Two Mandarins of the First Class, or Blue Button
Deksel bekroond met Chinese mandarijn
Hoed van een mandarijn
de mandarin
rag doll sheet (stage of manufacture (pastimes: toys))
Walter Chiari, Sandra Mondaini, Ave Ninchi in Un mandarino per Teo. Regia di Mario Mattoli…