Heroes of medicine

Inventions and innovations in all aspects of life made the 20th century a true century of change. As a tribute to healthcare workers keeping us safe and healthy, we created this gallery of gamechangers in recent medicine history.

Gallery curated by Europeana XX project partners

Swedens Florence Nightingale proposed for
Dr Frederick Grant Banting Discoverer
Rita Levi Montalcini, digital illustration
Nobel prize of cancer research
Portraitserie Gerhard Domagk
MAX THEILER [Material gráfico]
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen - Physiker
Sigmund Freud
Marie & Pierre Curie
Professeur [Alexis] Carrel (CNews) : [photographie de presse] / [Agence Rol]
Portraitserie Philip Showalter Hench
Le docteur Gilliès qui a opéré les matelots danois blessés dans l'explosion du geyser [2e …
Norman Bethune
Prof. Dr. Karl Landsteiner
Emil Adolf von Behring
John Shaw Billings (1838-1913). American surgeon
FREDERICK HOPKINS [Material gráfico]
Sir Alexander Fleming
Oskar Minkowski
Dr Calmette [1er août 1923, conférence sur la tuberculose par TSF, à la Tour Eiffel] : [ph…
Louis Cobbett, Henry Roy Dean, Howard Walter Florey and Harry Norman Green. Copy photograp…
August von Wassermann
Photograph of Nicolae C. Paulescu.
Portrait of William Stewart Halsted
Ferdinand Sauerbruch lecturing: two scenes. Process print after photographs by E. Salomon,…
Vincenz Czerny
SELMAN WAKSMAN [Material gráfico]
Winner of the Nobel Prize
Sir Victor Alexander Haden Horsley (1857-1916), surgeon and physiologist. Oil painting by …
Harvey Williams Cushing and Sir Charles Scott Sherrington. Photograph, 1938.
Portrait of Robert Herman Koch [1843 - 1910], bacteriologist
Tidligere premiereminister Ramsey MacDonald og datteren Ishbel er på besøg i New York
Paul Ehrlich. Photograph after a plaque in the Deutsches-Hygiene Museum, Dresden.
Jules Bordet
Three Americans share Nobel prize
Photograph of George Hitchings and Trudy Elion
Le professeur Samuel-Jean Pozzi
Robert Cowell