From balloon to blimp: staying afloat

Selection of images of airships, balloons, zeppelins and blimps. Join us on a journey through the clouds in some of the most imaginative floating vessels in history.

Three men are in the basket of a hot-air balloon, with ropes and various instruments. Colo…
De luchtballon, Le Flezel, van Mr Montgolfier l'Aîné
De ballon Le Météore van Eugène Godard in de tuin achter het Paleis voor Volksvlijt
The Third Gordon Bennett Balloon Race
Zepelín Elevándose;;[globo Dirigible Reina María Cristina Elevándose desde el Hangar del P…
Ein Zeppelin wird in den Hangar gezogen, Flugtag Düsseldorf
Parachute demonstration at park gala day. Photograph courtesy of the Pontefract and Castle…
Ballonvaart. 6e Internationale luchtrace om de Coupe Andries Blitz. Overzicht van de stadi…
Crowds gather at the parade ground of the Honorable Artillery Company to watch two hot-air…
Maastricht. Vliegverkeer. Luchtschip zweeft boven het stadhuis. De Graf Zeppelin, typenumm…
Bertie Bassett hot air balloon in Pontefract Park, as part of the 1997 Liquorice Festival.
Cetti i sin ballon
Den första ballonguppstigningen i historien med passagerare. Fransmännen Rozier och d´Arl…
The national parachute - or - John Bull conducted to plenty & emancipation
The Third Gordon Bennett Balloon Race
Observers in the basket with telephones and maps
One of our observation balloons coming to earth after a morning's work peering over the li…
The ballloon being filled on the ice.
Za československý stát - picture 26
Zeppelin Siedlung, Frankfurt am Main
Olympiade Berlin 1936