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In the first chapter of Faces of Europe exhibition, our journey starts with the medieval pioneers of paint and perspective in Gothic and Renaissance times.

Magnificent artworks from all EU countries taking part in the Europeana280 campaign - household names from art history sit side by side with their fascinating but less widely known counterparts.

Observe the evolution of machines used to register and play sounds, from the days of the phonograph to the digital age.

Go on a journey to the past with a selection of unusual photographs - from rat-catchers in Liverpool to early nose jobs.

Explore World War I from different perspectives with all its inconsistencies and interwoven realities.

Explore the story of European emigration to the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries in this online exhibition created by Europeana and DPLA.

Discover a selection of the most sumptuous of manuscripts, the craftsmanship of their illuminations and luxurious bindings.

Find out what it means to be a football fan, take a look at some great photos of famous players, and go on a whistle-stop tour of Europe’s most popular sports.

It was the war that tore Europe apart - no European nation was left untouched. But it was the ordinary men and women who were affected the most.

Discover the lives and work of seven Avant-Garde artists from Romania and the relationship between their Jewish identity and radical modernity.

Explore a selection of instruments from Europe’s major musical instrument museums, illustrating a range of styles and cultural uses.

This exhibition explores how Art Nouveau, characterised by its curvilinear elegance and organic forms inspired by nature, dominated the cultural scene.