The First World War: Places of Transit

World War I was a complex and ambiguous event. The time has come to overcome traditional narratives and categories of nations, epic pictures of war, debates about war guilt and rivalries between a History from "above" and one from “below”. In this virtual exhibition, we would like to invite you to explore World War I from different perspectives with all its inconsistencies.

We want to show the war as a mosaic of “places”; places, where the people run through; places that can be found on every side of the lines and in all countries; places that marked the war and at the same time that were marked by the war. They are the stage for small and big transitions, where civilization and barbarism, modernism and archaic, destruction and creation, acceleration and persistence, myths and rationality, dream and trauma and many more create interwoven realities. Follow us to the “places of transition” and discover new views and insights about the Great War.