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Family and friends

Many relatives and friends of Max Kranz, most of them locals from Hatzenport, were like him directly involved in the war. Like Rolf Kranz in his contributions we will pay tribute to some of them.

Franz Dischinger was a lieutenant within the same batallion that Max Kranz belonged to. He had studied civil engineering in Karslruhe. After the war he would become a renowned 20th century engineer thanks to pioneering innovations in the field of concrete construction work.

Josef and Richard Lauxen, brothers-in-law of Max Kranz, were both sons of a vineyard owner from Klotten on the Moselle. Joseph was ordained a priest on 9 August 1913 and then worked as a chaplain in Linz on the Rhine. Being a Catholic pastor, he did not have to do any army service. From 1917 he was chaplain in the Trier parish of St. Antonius where he took care of the mental health of the wounded soldiers.

Richard Lauxen joined the army as a one-year volunteer in the Schleswig-Holstein Foot Artillery on October 1, 1913. During the war, he was promoted commander of the foot artillery. After the war, which he partly experienced in Macedonia, he continued to work in the winegrowing business.

Emma Kranz was married to Rudolf-Oskar Kranz, an uncle of Max Kranz, who was a merchant in Cologne. During the war Emma was involved in the care for the wounded.

Karl Endris, another winemaker from Hatzenport, was married to Max Kranz's sister Martha. He was a sergeant with the Infantery.