Power to the People

Mix and marvel

Bring together a bunch of people and the atmosphere will self-ignite! Whether for coronations, concerts, rallies or Eurovision: cheering together means joy times ten!

In this packed stadium in Monte Carlo, Georges Carpentier’s supporters experienced a night to remember. Hundreds of enthusiastic spectators watched the French boxer defeat his British opponent Jim Sullivan by a second round knockout to win the European title.

The visit of a celebrity is bound to get the masses moving too - particularly when they make an entrance as dramatic as Sir Alan Cobham’s. Awaited by thousands of proud compatriots, Cobham can be seen at the top of this image flying his D.H.50J towards the Houses of Parliament in London. The record-breaking pilot had just completed a round-trip to Australia.

Next to adventurers, sports icons, movie stars, royals and pop idols, politicians are prone to a massive welcome wherever they go. In this image, Francesc Macià i Llussà, 122nd president of Catalonia, addresses the sea of people that filled the streets of Girona. The photographer has profited from a bird's-eye view position to maximize the impact of the crowd beneath the city hall balcony.

Attending mass events can have its downsides too. Anyone who has been stuck in a ticket queue for hours, only to be greeted by a ‘sold out’ sign can attest to that. Getting to an event but having your view blocked by fellow onlookers is not much fun either. The royal fans in the image above, welcoming King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at Parliament Square, try to catch a glimpse of the royal couple using periscopes

If you’re not a fan of crowds, there are plenty of relaxing activities that can be enjoyed in a less numerous yet equally congenial company.