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Vintage postcards of Southeastern Europe

Among the numerous descriptions for Southeastern Europe, a record from a German traveller says it is a land where the stones speak. The speaking stones remember everything that happened on this part of the continent throughout the centuries, where most often the geography is history and vice versa. This beautiful corner of Europe covers an area of more than 500,000 square kilometres; over 50 million people live with their memories, among whom are Macedonians, Croats, Serbs, Slovenians, Albanians, Moldovans, Montenegrins, and Bosnians. The mountainous landscape dominates; many memories of love and hatred are stored by the speaking stones. And each stone has its own secret side connected with the mystery of existence, regardless of the fact that time that passes actually flows like a river or exists like a bridge. In this part of Europe, bridges are not only a metaphor for the meaning of life but also the memory of the times that have passed from one to the other side of the time.

The motive and guiding idea of this exhibition is to bring to light some of the rich collections of Southeastern European countries that were published in Europeana, thus making them widely accessible to interested users. The exhibition highlights interesting facts and details about the cities of the regions presented on these vintage postcards that showcase their cultural and natural heritage.