The Collection

Music Library of Greece 'Lilian Voudouri' collection of songs for voice and piano contains approximately 6000 titles, with almost half of them purchased from a single collector, while the remaining 3000 songs have been embodied from many different sources such as donations, purchases from a flea market and secondhand bookshops etc.

During the years of the Ottoman occupation in mainland Greece, Heptanisa (Ionian islands) have been the only part of the Greek world of that time that remained under the influence of the West, because they were under an English or French command. This resulted to a closer connection with the western spirit and the ability to absorb western influence. In the field of music, one can observe that there has been a close connection with the Italian popular element that was mainly expressed in the genre of melodrama. Melodramatic companies toured in the Ionian Islands and audiences had the opportunity to listen to popular arias from Italian operas.