70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, 9 May 1950

Strasbourg's place at the heart of Europe

Geographically and historically, Strasbourg has always been a European city. Situated at the crossroads between the Latin and Germanic worlds, and often central to rivalries between France and Germany, the city’s destiny is bound up with that of Europe. The seat since 1919 of the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine, Strasbourg emerged after the Second World War as the symbol of Franco-German reconciliation and peace.

That is why, in 1949, the city became the seat of the Council of Europe, whose goals are to consolidate pluralist democracy, the rule of law and human rights. Starting in 1952, that European role took on a new dimension when the city was chosen as the seat of the ECSC Common Assembly, which became the European Parliamentary Assembly and then the European Parliament, which holds its 12 annual part-sessions in Strasbourg.