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Denis Diderot

French Enlightenment philosopher writer and encyclopædist (1713–1784)

Gustave Vapereau; Denis Diderot

Bucharest Metropolitan Library

Diderot; Denis Diderot, (1713-1784); Haralamb G. Lecca, (poet, dramaturg, traducător) (1873-1920) [traducător]

Octavian Goga Cluj County Library

Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Germanisches National Museum

Herzog August Library

Herzog August Library

Augustin de Saint-Aubin

Berlin State Library

Gebrüder Schumann (Production) (Publisher)

Berlin State Library

Lardy, François Guillaume (Production), 1764-1812 (Stecher)

Berlin State Library

Diderot, Denis

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science


National Library of the Czech Republic