A black and white photograph of two people with long hair and loose-fitting clothing sitting on a stone wall.
The ways of counterculture

Much more than just being against the mainstream

Stylish sites: European places that named fashion items

Exploring places across Europe that gave names to items of clothing, textiles and more

Europe in space: European astronauts and cosmonauts

Images and videos featuring Europe's space flights

close-up illustation of a young girl in pink skirt hugging a sheep and feeding a horse
Pets: taking care of our furry friends

Videos showing services and products over the years that help us better care for our pets

pages of a manuscript on a black background
Discovering Finnish literary heritage with Codices Fennici

Medieval and 16th century manuscripts written or used in Finland

Inside the WEHA Boxing Glove factory

Behind the scenes of a sport equipment company

Traces of the Armenian diaspora across Europe

Architecture and cultural heritage of the Armenian diaspora

Migration voyages: shipping advertisements from vintage newspapers

Shipping lines in vintage newspapers

Long & short placenames in Europe

Take a virtual tour to linguistic length-based locations

Tessa Verney Wheeler
Groundbreaking women in archaeology

Discover the stories of pioneering female archaeologists from across Europe

part of the front cover of a fashion magazine: stylised drawings of sleek women in fashionable thirties outfits
Suits designed by women, for women

Questioning the status quo through fashion

black and white photograph, two women constructing a window frame
Gender gaps & inequality illustrated by GIFs

Animating inequality between men and women in all areas of society

Alice Guy-Blaché portrait picture
Alice Guy-Blaché: cinema pioneer

Film's first female director and the first woman to run her own studio

yellow, orange and white kimono with red and black dots
Kimono: the women’s garment shaping cross-cultural exchange

The social history of the kimono represents a unique cultural exchange between Japan and Europe

black and white photograph, a woman ice skating
Sjoukje Dijkstra: champion figure skater

First Dutch gold medal winner at the Winter Olympic Games

A japanese woodblock print depicting a woman standing in the moonlight in a blue dress with long black hair.
Murasaki Shikibu & The Tale of Genji

Defining author of Japanese literature in the Heian period

a sepia photograph of the interior of the Pantheon in Paris
Simone Veil

Survivor, activist, feminist, politician

Picturing women at work

What visual representations of women working tell us about women’s history

colour illustration, a profile portrait of a woman in orange with a green illustration of women diving into a swimming pool
Fanny Durack: winner of the first women’s Olympic swimming medal

Irish-Australian who set swimming world records

black and white portrait of Angela Davis
Angela Davis: political activist

African-American philosopher and author combatting racism, sexism and homophobia