Illuminated initial and a miniature of a group of knights
The Bibliophile of Bruges

Exploring the Manuscript Collection of Louis of Bruges

Intricate intrigue

The craft of jewellery-making in Byzantium

Page of a medieval manuscript
Medieval monastic book inventories

Learn about medieval book lists and how they differ from today's library catalogues

a pile of differently coloured and speckled candy eggs stretches into the background
How to make an Easter egg

Learn about the history of easter eggs and different techniques to make your own

First page of book inventory with text in Latin
Corbie Abbey and today’s font

How Corbie Abbey's medieval manuscripts connect to today's fonts

colour drawing of a room interior with fireplace, seats and tables
Eliel Saarinen, Finnish architect

Exploring treasures in the Museum of Finnish Architecture

illustration of a rose and thistle with words England -v- Scotland on a purple background
England versus Scotland, 31 March 1928

When Scotland's footballers were the Wembley Wizards

colourised photograph of Rosario Soler
Rosario Soler, Spanish soprano performer

Popular singer and actor of the 'zarzuela' genre

black and white image of front cover of Femina magazine from 1906
Femina Magazine

'The perfect review for women and girls’

colour photograph of a statue of Queen Elisabeth
Elisabeth, Queen of the Hungarians

How 'Sisi' was celebrated and remembered in Hungary

Hildegard von Bingen: celebrating an early ecofeminist

How women in the past have strongly advocated for better care of our fragile planet

Black and white photograph of Noor Inayat Khan wearing a uniform hat with a crest in the middle
Historical women with disabilities

Four women in history who helped change the world we live in

colour illustration showing a soldier standing and a cantinière on horseback
The Vivandières: women in the army

How the Vivandières' uniforms reflected their role

Not just a pretty face

Women on Greek public television from the late 1960s to today

Photo of Billie Holiday with her dog
Black women's jazz legacies in Europe

Young, gifted and Black

A tray with 19 colourful embroidered buttons
Women crafting freedom

The Antonia Suardi collection showcases the creative independence and activism of embroidery.

The Indian suffragettes

Four Indian women who brought about change in Britain and India

Tapestry full of motifs typical of dove-tail tapestries from Torna. Carnations, tulips, other flowers, birds and people, surround a flower vase.
A Song of Love: Swedish Textiles in The Khalili Collection

Stories of women's aspirations, support for one another and hidden power.

black and white cropped photograph of Raffaella Carrà
Raffaella Carrà, Italy's entertainment icon

Dance, singer, television star, diva

Landscape painter Tina Blau

19th century Austrian Impressionist artist