colour photograph of a silver dress on a mannequin

From futuristic designs to unisex fashion

A large pink condom with a message in white lettering against a blue background suggesting condoms are 'life-insurance for every budget'; one of a series of safe sex posters from a 'Stop AIDS' poster campaign by the Federal Office of Public Health, in collaboration with the Aiuto AIDS Svizzero

Yasmine Ba's 'Conversations with Grandma and the cultural significance of Italy's queer archives', created for Europeana's Digital Storytelling Festival Creative Online Residency.

Pendants in the shape of a pink triangle. The pink triangle symbolizes lesbian and gay love and is a symbolic sign of gay struggle.

Read Tonya Atanakova's fictional story exploring LGBTQ+ cultures and communities, created for Europeana's Digital Storytelling Festival Creative Online Residency.

Breaking barriers within literature and the arts

cropped black and white photograph portrait of a young man

Gay artist and author who fought in the Dutch Resistance during World War II

a photograph of the inside of a ceramics' centre, with several ceramic pieces on display.

A place of history, transmission and contemporary creation

colour photograph of an actor performing on stage wearing a corset and suspenders

Celebrating 50 years of a cult queer classic

A mother and daughter are working together on a piece of cloth, a spinning wheel sits nearby

Mother and daughter or master and apprentice? A brief history of women and crafts

back of colour postcard with handwritten text and two stamps

Professors and scientists at one of the oldest universities in Central Europe

black and white photograph of a man weaving a basket

Considering a post-war travelling exhibition of rural handicrafts

two men hold colourful nativity scenes on the main square of Krakow

In Krakow, Poland, making nativity scenes is seen as a cultural tradition going back centuries.

colour photograph of a brown / beige textile, with mostly red pattern of flower vines

Objects and craft of desire, from India to Europe

black and white photograph of Max Euwe who arranges chess pieces on a shelf

The life and legacy of a Dutch chess legend

colour painting, portrait of Timotei Cipariu

Renowned scholar of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church

black and white illustration, portrait of Pierre Cuypers

Visionary architect who designed many landmarks in the Netherlands

World Collage Day is an annual international celebration of collage on the Second Saturday of May. This an excellent opportunity to learn more about this technique, explore cultural heritage collections and get creative.

black and white portrait photograph of Mela Muter

Painting the beauty of everyday life

colour photograph of a field of red tulips with a windmill in the background

The history of a floral motif over several centuries

Learn how to make an easter palm