Textile technology

Joseph-Marie Jacquard and the loom that changed the world

The Bor Mine in Serbia

Labour and landscape in the 20th century

The Chair Men

Gebrüder Thonet and the Number 14 Chair

Neon night

How advertising signs lit up the city

'Self-pride and knowing yourself'

Marking Black History Month in Britain

The fragrance factory

Roure-Bertrand Fils and the perfume industry in Grasse

Miloš Crnjanski

A literary life of migration and exile

Fàbrica Gròber

The rise and transformation of an industrial landmark in Girona

Catchpenny prints in The Netherlands

What did the people in the lower orders of society and children read in the 18th and 19th centuries? In the Netherlands, their main reading material was catchpenny prints.


A Swiss seasoning found in many cultures

From quills to typewriters

How the industrial revolution changed writing culture

Leuven's University Library

Risen from the ashes

Philips: illuminating the world from Eindhoven

Learn how two Dutch brothers who wanted to make a lightbulb factory started the multinational concern.


Bolckow Vaughan and the growth of Middlesbrough

The Flying Dutchmen: 100 years of KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines celebrates its 100th anniversary on 7 October. To honour this jubilees, this blog explores the cultural heritage of KLM found on Europeana. Come fly with us to discover stories and pictures from aviation history.

Farming landscapes in Scandinavia

How industrial agriculture transformed rural life

Centenary celebrations

Eight firms that were 100 years old in 2019

GIF IT UP 2019

Your favourite GIF-making competition is back

Children in the machine

Lewis Hine's photography and child labour reform

A woman's work is never done

Women's working history in Europe