The Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre: an African American legacy

Discover the history of a modern dance theatre that helped propel stories of a nation to the world

John Lind: an early drag icon

One of the most successful female impersonators in the early 20th century

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Street Literature: Welsh Almanacs

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The Good Place? Tracing utopia and dystopia through literature

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Travelling for pleasure: a brief history of tourism

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Babylonian Language Confusion - Ljubomir Micić and Yugoslav avant-garde movement

Yugoslavia’s avant-garde invented a new language and orthography in the early 20th century.

Child’s play: how Portuguese kids play traditional games

Traditional games have played a part of Portuguese children’s education for generations, a valuable part of cultural and social heritage.

Being pampered by the pool

Spas and wellness resorts in the 20th Century

Elixirs, tonics, diets and cornflakes: peddling health during the 20th Century

From the very start of the 20th century, nutrition was considered as essential to well-being as physical exercise, with food being seen as a key to good health.

The wellness revolution: body culture

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Folklore shadow puppet theatre: a Greek summer holiday tradition

History of Karagiozis shadow theatre, a staple summer evening entertainment for many in Greece

The Traveller - story of Milorad Rajčević

Read about adventurous Serbian journalist and his journey around the world at the beginning of 20th century.

One tough cookie: the business and branding of the Verkade biscuit company

135 years of history of the Dutch baking company Verkade

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Five firsts from the Eurovision Song Contest's six decades long history

Behind the Scenes at the Eurovision Song Contest

Films and photographs from backstage at the Eurovision Song Contest

The confinements of Napoleon

Discover the story of Napoleon Bonaparte and his many stages of isolation.

To my Friend, who, on the Stormy Seas, will expose himself to Dangers - the album amicorum…

Take a look into a dynamic life of a naval officer at the beginning of the 19th century.

Flowers to fight diseases: how Beda Hallberg battled a pandemic with Mayflowers

Swedish woman Beda Hallberg started selling paper flowers to raise money for those with tuberculosis

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