Portrait of a lady

Women in early 20th-century photography, film and advertising

Exploring European Capital Cities for 2021

European Capitals for Sport, Innovation, Green, Youth and Culture

Flapper style

What does ‘flapper’ mean? Even though the true origins of the world are controversial, in the 1920s ‘flapper’ became associated with young women who expressed their freedom through an overt appreciation of a new kind of fashionable look.

The Embroideress Euphemia: an Egyptian mummy with a unique story

Several widely studied grave ensembles were found in the Antinoöpolis necropolis, among them the grave of 'the Embroideress Euphemia'. This blog tells her story.

Club of the Eagle: the history and heritage of Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Benfica started as a group of boys who wanted to play football and is now a successful international club in many sports.

Pole-vaulting into politics: Władysław Kozakiewicz's 1980 Olympics gesture

A gesture by Polish pole vaulter Władysław Kozakiewicz at the 1980 Olympics was seen as political

Fair representation? LGBTQ+ in 20th-century photography and film

The path toward fair representation of LGBTQ+ people has proven to be a long and daunting one. In this blog, we look at the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in photography and film throughout the 20th Century.

A mechanical typewriter of the Perkins Brailler type with 6 keys for punching the dots of Braille writing.
Geniuses and their (dis)abilities

Exploring the scientific and artistic careers of Ludwig van Beethoven, Louis Braille, Mileva Marić, and Francisco de Goya

Controlling the sea: painting the Zuiderzee engineering works

Artist Johan Hendrik van Mastenbroek captures the gigantic Zuiderzee construction works.

Let's light up December with Europeana Advent Calendar

To brighten up this December, we have an Advent Calendar for you - filled with beautiful artworks and pictures exploring the theme of togetherness from the collections of cultural institutions across Europe.

Remembering the Jews of Arab Lands

The dissolution of the Jewish communities of the Arab world is commemorated on November 30.

Stvor – Testimony to the Soviet Union’s forced labour system

The Stvor camp was part of the Soviet GULag system from the 1940s to 1972.

Donnay: How a Belgian company became the world's largest tennis racket maker

By the 1970s, Donnay were the world's leading tennis racket manufacturer.

Precursors to the Reformation: Paving the way for social change

Learn about the precursors of the Reformation, their work and relevance in history.

Beethoven’s Ode to Joy: a cultural kaleidoscope

Exploring Beethoven’s 9th Symphony from multiple perspectives

Writing in exile: Hungarian authors in Paris and Berlin

Exploring the lives and works of Endre Ady, Gyula Illyés and Sándor Márai

Happy birthday? 10 birthday cards from World War I

Browse a selection of World War I birthday cards and their messages

The Lanterna of Genoa, an Italian lighthouse landmark

Lenses and technical instruments at the Lanterna, Genoa's lighthouse

Lonkero: Finnish drinks invented for the 1952 Olympics

Lonkero is a type of drink invented for a sporting ocasion - the 1952 Olympic Games held in Helsinki.

Iridescence - from archaeological glass to Art Nouveau

Exploring iridescence from ancient archaeology to Art Nouveau