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Your EURO2020: Share your photos

Show us how you and your community are celebrating EURO2020

colour photograph of street with many orange flags and decorations
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This summer, sport is being celebrated all across Europe - with the EURO2020 football championships being held in 11 different cities across Europe, and 24 different countries have taken part in the tournament.

We at Europeana are celebrating too - highlighting sport heritage and history, and inviting people all across Europe to share their memories and experiences of taking part in sport - whether as participants or fans or both.

History as it happens

We like to record history as it happens, that's why we'd like to build a picture of how Europe celebrates EURO2020 in 2021.

That leads us to a favour we want to ask of you! Show us how you are celebrating Euro 2020.

We would love to see your photos showing how your home, your village, town or city celebrates EURO2020. Are streets adorned with bunting and flags? Are there posters cheering on your nation's team? How are fans celebrating?

How to take part

You can share your photos with us in a few ways. You can:

colour photograph showing brick wall of house that has been painted black, yellow and red - the colours of Belgian flag, as well as with some devil motifs
city street in the Netherlands with orange flags hanging from trees and one large sign with text 'Wij Houden Van Oranje'

To get you in the mood, we've curated a series of images and objects below from previous European Championships. We hope your pictures will be part of this collection soon!

EURO 1984

The 1984 UEFA European Football Championship was held in a number of cities across France in June 1984.

colour poster with illustration of a footballer kicking footballs with colours of various European national flags
colour poster showing a man kick a ball through legs of a goalkeeper
colour poster showing a football pitch by the sea on which a footballer lines up to take a penalty
colour poster showing a goalkeeper in a stadium jumping for a ball in shape of the moon

EURO 2000

Euro 2000 was held in Belgium and the Netherlands, the first time more than one country hosted the tournament.

colour photograph of football with text UEFA EURO 2000, a cartoon character mascot and signatures in black ink
plastic toy of a cartoon lion footballer with black, yellow, red, white and blue mane hanging from a city sign with text Rotterdam
a silver medal with image of a stadium and text King Baudoijin Stadium Brussels, Opening Match 10.06.2000

EURO 2004

The 2004 European Football Championships were held in Portugal. The tournament was won - for the first time - by Greece.

blue and white scarf with text in Greek
white t-shirt with text Euro 2004 and image of the Greek football team

EURO 2012

The European Championships in 2012 were held in Poland and Ukraine.

cover of a sticker book, mostly purple with a stylised flower illustration and text UEFA EURO2012 Poland-Ukraine

Share your sport story

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Can you help us to tell the story of sport in Europe in the past and the present?

We invite you to tell us about your sport experiences through objects like photographs, memorabilia, equipment or prizes.
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