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The Army Lives of WW1

A new Pinterest board

Susan Muthalaly (opens in new window) (Europeana Foundation)

Army Lives of WW1 is a new Pinterest board by Europeana to commemorate the beginning of World War One. All the images are sourced from Europeana website. Some of it is from people like you who came to our roadshows to contribute to our collection, and some of it is from the great institutions of Europe.

Through these images, we want to honour the memory of the war and the lives that were wasted during it. We would also like to show you unusual photos that throw new light on what it was like to live through the war. We collaborated with the European Commission (EC) for this Pinterest Board, as we thought it was important to create awareness about the heartache and loss of war, and pay tribute to the indomitable human spirit.

Jörg Große Munkenbeck, CC-BY-SA

Jörg Große Munkenbeck CC-BY-SA

Pinterest6 Carola Eugster CC-BY-SA pinterest4 Field hospital