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Share your story with Europeana Sport

Can you help us to tell the story of sport in Europe in the past and the present?

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Adrian Murphy (Europeana Foundation)
Ad Pollé (Europeana Foundation)

In summer 2021, Europeana invite you to share your stories, memories, photos and more about sport.

You can share your story online or at a number of collection days events being held across Europe.

We're building a picture of sport across Europe - in the past and present - with stories from young and old.

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We'd love to hear your story - here are some questions to get you thinking.

  • Is there an object you associate with your experiences of sport?
  • Share your memories of being part of a sport clubs.
  • Tell us your experience of playing sports at school?
  • Is sport part of your job? How?
  • Tell us about your experiences playing team sports.
  • What have you done to show your support of a team or a sports person?
  • Tell us your experiences taking part in a sporting event?
  • Share your memories of attending a sporting event?
  • Do you have any sporting superstitions or traditions?
Share your sport story now

In summer 2021, alongside sporting championships taking place, we are tweeting, inviting people to share their stories. Explore the tweets below.

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Share your sport story

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Can you help us to tell the story of sport in Europe in the past and the present?

We invite you to tell us about your sport experiences through objects like photographs, memorabilia, equipment or prizes.
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