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How to make an animated GIF

Resources and ideas for your GIF IT UP entry

Aleksandra Strzelichowska (opens in new window) (Europeana Foundation)

GIF IT UP is about creating GIFs from public domain and openly licensed material available in digital libraries around the world. It is a great opportunity to discover some new interesting content, remix and reuse it. It is also a chance to challenge one’s creative skills. Everyone is welcome to take part, especially first-time GIF makers! We put together a list of tutorials, tools and ideas to help you make your #GIFitUP entry. Enjoy!


Create an animated GIF in Photoshop A tutorial explaining how to turn a series of photos into a looping animated GIF using Photoshop

Simple animations in GIMP  This tutorial runs you through how to make a GIF using GIMP, an open source image manipulation program

How to make an animated GIF from a video A step by step tutorial showing how to make a GIF from a video in Photoshop

The Complete Guide to Making Animated GIFs  A guide exploring a few different techniques


Ideas and Inspiration: Find a stereoscopic image There are plenty of them available in Europeana. So choose your favourite and experiment!


Spoorwegbrug te Culemborg, Rijksmuseum, public domain

Use a series of pictures Find a set of images illustrating different stages of movement and just put them together danser

Eksotisk danser i positur og kostyme, Norsk Folkmuseum, public domain

Play with letters and get creative with text. On Europeana, you will find a lot of posters with interesting fonts and colors europeana

Europeana, GIF, Source material

Face expression What about making your favourite portrait smile? Here’s how using GIMP and Photoshop 280-gif

St John the Baptist Wearing the Red Tabard of the Order of St John, National Museum of Fine Arts - MUZA, CC0

For more information about rules, prizes and entry sumbission, click here