Galleries - a new way to explore Europeana Collections

Europeana Foundation

With more than 54 millions objects to find in Europeana Collections, there's a lot to explore. We regularly feature the stories of these objects - whether paintings, photographs, text, music or video - here on our blog and in our exhibitions.

Today, we're launching a new way to explore on Europeana Collections: galleries.

screenshot of galleries on Europeana Collections

Galleries present a curated selection of images on a certain theme. Some bring together artworks from across Europe, while some focus more on just one country.

screenshot of gallery of art by female artists

Just some galleries you can explore today are:

Galleries also give you the opportunity to delve a little deeper, linking back to the original object with all its contextual information. And should you wish to re-use the item, licensing information is provided.

We're starting with around 40 galleries but we'll be publishing new galleries regularly, so make sure to check back or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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