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#ColorOurCollections: Europeana’s colouring book for grown-ups

Europeana’s colouring book for grown-ups

Julia Schellenberg (opens in new window) (Europeana Foundation)


Nowadays, it’s not just children that enjoy the gentle art of colouring. Colouring books aimed at adults are bestsellers - advertised as a form of therapy designed to alleviate the stress of modern life.

You can colour in glorious gardens, enchanted forests, dream cities and now… Europeana’s collections! We’ve created a Colouring Book for Grown-ups so you can sample this trend for yourself. With a variety of hand-drawn images on all sorts of topics, and from countries across the continent, we hope you enjoy exploring European cultural heritage in this playful and relaxing way.

Download Europeana’s Colouring Book for Grown-ups for free. and share your coloured pages on social media using the hashtag #ColorOurCollections. We'd love to see your work!


The nosedance at Gimpelsbrunn by Hans Sebald Beham, 1510-1550. Rijksmuseum, Public Domain


Ornamental representation of man and woman on either side of a fireplace by Antoon Derkinderen, 1869-1925. Rijksmuseum, Public Domain



The rhinoceros by Enea Vico, 1533-1567. Rijksmuseum, Public Domain