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Blogs und Galerien zu Themen aus der jüdischen Geschichte

black and white photograph of a people walking in an urban street

Tracing the term ghetto through history across several centuries - from the Jewish ghetto of Venice to 'ghetto fabulous'


Synagogues, Jewish communities' places of worship, have been found across Europe for millennia

colour portrait of Simone Veil
Simone Veil

Activist, feminist, politician and Holocaust survivor, whose life reflects high and low points of the 20th century

Salomon Rosenbaum's Sundsvall store

Sweden's Judiska Museet introduce Jewish immigrant Rosenbaum who ran a drapery store in Sundsvall for decades

Rosh Hashanna: Jewish New Year

For Jews around the world, the beginning of autumn is also the time of the Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanna in Hebrew

Jan Karski: witness to the Shoah

His secret mission informed world leaders about Nazi atrocities in occupied Poland.

Remembering the Jews of Arab lands

The dissolution of the Jewish communities of the Arab world is commemorated on November 30.

Migration and the Israel Museum

This blog presents a selection of photographs from The Israel Museum that points to the stories of migration

Arts and culture

Tuschinski's cinema empire

Polish Jewish migrant Tuschinski established several cinemas in the Netherlands, particularly in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Recording Jewish music

Exploring a collection of Jewish music and Yiddish theatre by Finnish record producer Harry Orvomaa

black and white photograph of the facade of a modern circular theatre building, beset with a striking collage of glass windows.
Habima Theatre

Founded in Moscow, the Habima theatre company dreamed of a Jewish cultural renaissance through Hebrew.

A sepia photograph of a dancer in multicoloured blocked dress, their pose stylised and silhouetted.
Iconic Israeli Dance

Discover Baruch Agadati's and Gertrud Kraus' unique choreographies, fabulous costumes and striking performance styles.


Ben Bril

Youngest-ever Olympic boxer, who survived the Holocaust

Éva Székely, swimmer and survivor

Hungarian Olympic gold medallist who survived the Holocaust and lived through the 1956 Revolution

(öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster)
Trude Pritzi & Richard Bergmann

Table tennis world champions from Vienna

Sammlungen durchsuchen

Judaica-Sammlungen aus Kulturinstitutionen in ganz Europa ansehen

School and Student Life photos

Historical Photos from the AIU archives of Jewish schools, pupils and local events (North Africa, Balkans, Middle East)

Jewish Cultural Life in France

Archival material in Yiddish, including books and periodicals, video, theater posters, and sheet music.

Jewish Life in Eastern Europe

Material focusing on history, languages, literature, culture, folklore, and religious traditions of East European Jewry

Books on German-speaking Jewry

Books from the Leo Baeck institute, mostly in German and Yiddish.

We Were There Too

Commemorating the contribution British Jews made during World War I

Serbian Jewish periodicals

Browse a collection of Jewish periodicals from Serbia dating from the 1930s to 1960s