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JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXVI. Papers relating to the Battle of Jutland; 1915-1936.

JELLICOE PAPERS. Vol. XXVI (ff. 301). Papers relating to the Battle of Jutland, etc.; 1915-1936. 1. ff. 1-21. Grand Fleet Battle Orders in force on the eve of the battle; 1915. Typewritten extracts. 2. ff. 22-37. Further Correspondence between His Majesty's Government and the United States Government respecting the Rights of Belligerents; 1916. Printed. Command Paper 8234. 3. ff. 38-142. Admiralty and other telegrams; 30 May-4 June 1916. Mostly copies, together with autograph notes of intercepted German signals. 4. f. 143. Letter of Vice-Adm. Oliver Elles Leggett to Jellicoe on the navigation of H.M.S. 'Iron Duke'; 29 Nov. 1927. 5. ff. 144-151. Engine-room register of H.M.S. 'King George V'; 30 May-2 June 1916. Copy. 6. ff. 152-232. Gunnery reports, range plots, etc., mostly of British ships; 30 May-1 June 1916. Extracts, with MS. notes, etc., 1920. Ff. 212-222 duplicate ff. 152-162. 7. ff. 233-249. Extract on gunnery from the report of Admiral Franz von Hipper, 4 July, with a related minute, 10 July 1916. German. Followed (ff. 245-249) by French and English translations. 8. ff. 250-268. Correspondence, etc., relating to the battle; 1919-1936. Partly printed. 9. ff. 269-278. 'Errors made in Jutland Battle', by Jellicoe, on the conduct of British senior officers; 1932. Two copies, with MS. notes, 1936. 10. ff. 279-301. Reports of damage to German ships; June 1916, 1919. Typewritten.Jutland, Denmark: Correspondence and papers rel. to Battle of Jutland: 1916-1929.Admiral of the Fleet John Rushworth Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe: Correspondence and papers: 1893-1935.Navy; England: Papers of Lord Jellicoe: 1893-1935.includes:
> ff. 22-37 British America, and United States: `Further Correspondence . . . respecting the Rights of Belligerents' with British Govt.: 1916: Printed.
> f. 143 Vice-Admiral Oliver Elles Leggett: Letter to Lord Jellicoe: 1927.
> ff. 234-241, 245 Reinhard Scheer, German admiral: Report to: 1916: Germ. and Fr. transl.
> ff. 234-241, 245 Franz von Hipper, German admiral: Report to Vice-Adm. R. Scheer: 1916: Germ. copy and Fr. transl.
> f. 243 Adolf von Trotha, German admiral: Minute by: 1916: Germ: Copy.
> f. 250 Vice-Admiral Arthur Craig-Waller, formerly Craig: Letter to Adm. Sir R. H. S. Bacon: 1936.
> ff. 250, 259 Admiral Sir Reginald Hugh Spencer Bacon, KCB: Letters, etc., to: 1923-1936, n.d.
> ff. 251-256 Vice-Admiral Arthur Craig-Waller, formerly Craig: The Fifth Battle Squadron at Jutland: 1935: Printed.
> ff. 256b-258b Captain Russell Grenfell, RN: Sir Robert Arbuthnot at Jutland: 1935: Printed.
> f. 259 Reverend Vice-Admiral Alexander Riall Wadham Woods: Letter to Adm. Sir R. H. S. Bacon: circa 1935-1936.
> ff. 261-265 Commander Oswald Moreton Frewen, RN: Letter to Lord Jellicoe: 1919: Imperf.
> ff. 266-268b Admiral Sir Frederic Charles Dreyer, GBE: Correspondence with Lord Jellicoe: 1917-1932: Partly typewritten.