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Composite manuscript, two parts (Latin, Dutch): 1. (ff. 1v-100v) Expositio in Cantica Canticorum / Williram of Ebersberg, and other text(s). - 2. (ff. 101r-214v) Stromata on Cantica Canticorum / Angelomus of Luxeuil, and other text(s)

Leiden Willeram

Prologo in Canticis Canticorum

Paraphrasis Cantici Canticorum

Cantici Canticorum paraphrasis

Expositio in Cantica Canticorum

Cantica Canticorum

Duodecim signa verae dilectionis

De symoniaca heresi

Stromata in Cantica Canticorum


handwritten, littera prae-gothica and littera textualis (additions)