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Page from a book inventory with text in Latin
Book inventories

What book inventories tell us about reading in monasteries: The 11th century book inventory of Corbie

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Manuscript from Corbie Abbey containing the Categories of Aristotle
Discovering online-resources

As well as ancient and late antique authors, through medieval manuscripts from Corbie Abbey

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The seven liberal arts, depicted as women, with Philosophy at the top, carrying a sceptre. Folium from a 13th-century manuscript (Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, cod. 12538, fol. 12r).
Manufacturing Manuscripts

The medieval manuscript, the book market, Paris as important center for book trade, book makers, sellers and consumers

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a detail of a manuscript illumination showing two people in elaborate draped clothing gesturing at each other
Manufacturing the Printed Book

The first printed books, the book market, book makers, sellers and consumers

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Woman sitting with a manuscript book and a man standing with a camera in a library
Exploring the Medieval Manuscript

The video series introduces unique artefacts that were created with pen and ink in a distant past