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Uebersetzung der Oden des Horaz - 3: Drittes Buch

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      • (Flaccus, Horatius; Flaccus, Qu. Horatius; Flaccus, Quintus H.; Flaccus, Quintus Horatius; Flaccvs, Quintus Horatius; Gorat͡sĭ̄; Goraz Flakk, Kvint; Ho-la-tz'ŭ; Horace; Horace ; Horace ; Horacij; Horacio; Horacius Flakus, Quintus; Horacjusz Flakkus, Kwintus; Horacy; Horacyusz; Horatio Flacco, Quinto; Horatius; Horatius ; Horatius ; Horatius F., Q.; Horatius Flaccus, ...; Horatius Flaccus, Q.; Horatius Flaccus, Quinctus; Horatius Flaccus, Quintus; Horatius, Quintus; Horatz; Horaz; Horazius Flaccus, Quintus; Horazius Flakkus, Quintus; Horazius Flakus, Quintus; Khorat͡siĭ; Khorat͡siĭ Flak, Kvint; Oracio; Oracius Flaccus; Oratio; Orazio; Orazio ; Orazio Flacco, Quinto; Orazjus Flaccus, Quintus; Quintus Horacius Flakus; Quintus Horatius Flaccus) Date of death: [v27.11.08]
      • (Madai, David Samuel von; Madeus, David Samuel; |Madai, David S. von; Madai, Dabid Samue?l; Madai, David S.; Madai, David Samuel de; Madai, Davide Samuele de; Madai, David Samuel) Date of birth: 1709 Date of death: 1780
      • (Solms-Wildenfels, Friedrich Ludwig von; Solms Wildenfels, Friedrich Ludwig von; Solms et Teklenburg, Fridericus Ludovicus; Solms et Tecklenburg, Fridericus Ludovicus in; Wildenfels und Tecklenburg, Friedrich Ludwig zu Solms-; Tecklenburg, Friedrich Ludwig zu Solms-Wildenfels; Solms et Tecklenburg, Frid. Lud. in; Solms und Tecklenburg, Friedrich Ludwig zu; Solms-Wildenfels, Friedrich Ludwig zu; Wildenfels, Friedrich Ludwig von Solms-; Solms, Friedrich Ludwig zu; Solms-Wildenfels und Tecklenburg, Friedrich Ludwig zu; Tecklenburg, Friedrich Ludwig zu Solms und; Wildenfels, Friedrich Ludwig zu) Date of birth: 1708 Date of death: 1789

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