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Saxondale Hospital Bar, Radcliffe on Trent | Root


    • This was The New (and as far as we are aware, first) Staff Social Club Bar. Using part of the Patient Canteen/Club, it opened after 7pm when the Canteen Closed. Through the hatch on the left is the 'Lounge Room' and one-armed-bandit. Saxondale Hospital was built to replace Sneinton Asylum and known as the County Asylum (1902-1920) and County Mental Hospital (1921-1948). The foundation stone was laid on 25 July 1899 by Lady Elinor Denison. The new building was two stories high, cost £147,000 and had accommodation for 452 patients (226 of each sex). The 130 acres surrounding the hospital cost £6,800. It was officially opened 24 July 1902 by Lady Elinor Denison (Dave Ogden and A.D.M. Douglas) and the architect was EP Hooley. In 1913 extensions were made for 148 patients, which cost £29.833. In 1932, two further blocks were erected, each to accommodate 50 female patients. In 1955, two further villas were built; one to accommodate 36 females and the other 36 males (A.D.M. Douglas). It closed in 1987, partly demolished, new housing stands around. (Simon Cornwall, taken from the website:





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