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Dissertatio gradualis, de vrbe Vloa, : cujus partem posteriorem, ex indultu amplissimi senatus philosophici in regio [et] illustri, ad Auram, Athenaeo, praeside Henrico Hassel, ... In publico eruditorum consessu, bonis placidè examinandam modestè exhibet Johannes Joh. Snellmann, ... In auditorio maximo, ad diem XXII. Octobris, anno reparatae salutis MDCCXXXVII. Horis, ante meridiem, consuetis. and De urbe Uloa

De urbe Uloa


    • A description of the town of Oulu, Finland.
    • Dedicated to: Joachim Georg von Ganschav, Gustaf Fabricius, Simon Ruuth, Matthias Dan. Blohm, Barthold Frese, Henric Rungeen, Carl Fagerholm.
    • Bound in: Dissertatio historica de vrbe Vloa / Johannes Joh. Snellmann. Aboae : per Joh. Kiaempe, Reg. Acad. Typogr., 1737.
    • Diss., Turku, 1737.
    • Digital reproduction, The National Library of Finland, Centre for Preservation and Digitisation, Mikkeli
    • TravelEuropeana




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    • [2011]
    • [1737]



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    • Available on the Internet

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    • (barcode)1201003151
    • (NBN)f20101081 (sid.)
    • Lidén 50. - Vallinkoski 1598
    • Ylioppilasmatrikkeli 1640-1852, 5155, 6326, (5650, U705)

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