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El “respeto a la diversidad” en la escuela: atolladeros del relativismo cultural como principio moral | Batallán, Graciela and Campanini, Silvana


    • “Respect for diversity” included in normative and curricular texts on Argentinean educative system represent an opportunity to reflect about cultural relativism in its potential for criticism and its limits as a moral principle. This article analyzes the uses of precepts that emerge at schools as a product of a contradictory bond between contemporary democratic principles for the institution and conceptual frames about social life and learning. Also, this article aims to relocate relativism’s analytic capacity as a tool against ethnocentrism, both in order to both elaborate the inherent conflict on school’s practices and also as a cultural critique –sensitive to that institution’s specific logic–.



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    • 14-12-2007
    • 2007
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    • 2007
    • Early 21th century
    • 21-st
    • 21st
    • 21st century
    • Second millenium AD
    • Second millenium AD, years 1001-2000
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