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Reinhold Sieglerschmidt (7)


    • Tagebuch Reinhold Sieglerschmidt, geb. 19.04.1883 in Ottenhausen, gest. 16.02.1918 in Naurog b.Prémont, Dr. phil.1911 Berlin, Oberlehrer in Berlin Verh. 18.10.1911 mit Helene Wiszwianski, geb. 16.12.1881 in Vilna, gest. 1945 in Pardim/Mecklenburg Drei Kinder: Reinhold (gen. Hai, geb. 19.04.1913 in Berlin, gest. 13.07.1931 in Berlin) Helene (geb. 5.5.1914 in Berlin, gest. 27 (oder 17, 7 ?--> nicht auf Formblatt lesbar, (Anmerkung des Überträgers B.H.) ).2.2010 in Öschelbronn) Hellmut (geb.17.10.1917 in Berlin, gest. 31.3.1991 in Teneriffa) **************************************************************************************************** Description: Diary of Reinhold Sieglerschmidt, born on 04/19/1883 in Ottenhausen, died .02/16/1918 in Nauroy d. Prémont, Dr. phil. 1911 in Berlin, Senior Primary School Teacher in Berlin. Got married on 10/18/1911 with Helene Wiszwianski, born 12/16/1881 in Vilna, died 1945 in Pardim/ Mecklenburg three children: Reinhold (aka. Hai, born 4/19/1913 in Berlin, died 07/13/1931 in Berlin) Helene (born 5/5/1914 in Berlin, died 2/17/2010 (or on 27. or 7. of February, not deciferable, Authors note (B.H.)) in Öschelbronn) Hellmut (born 10/17/1917 in Berlin, died 3/31/1992 in Teneriffa) Places travelled to/described: Eastern Europe, Western Europe (different places in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Belgium) *************************************************************************************************** Siehe auch/ Also see, amongst others.: http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/de/contributions/209 http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/de/contributions/210 http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/de/contributions/211 http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/de/contributions/771 http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/de/contributions/836 http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/de/contributions/837 http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/de/contributions/839 http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/de/contributions/840 http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/de/contributions/841 http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/de/contributions/842



  • Temporal:

    • 2011-05-10 13:02:08 UTC
    • 1915-1918
  • Place/Time:

    • Balkans
    • Eastern Front
    • Western Front



  • Rights:

    • http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/

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  • Location:

    • Osteuropa, Westeuropa, (unterschiedliche Orte in Polen, Rumänien, Ungarn, Deutschland, Belgien)
  • Place/Time:

    • Balkans
    • Eastern Front
    • Western Front

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