The Ammunition Shells

Engraved German ammunition shells


    • 1) Photo two ammunition shell casings 2) Shell case 1 Engraving of woman surrounded by a garland of flowers inscription souvenir great war 1914-1919 3) shell case 2 Also engraved in similar manner reverse side regimental badge Pte P Dillon South Lancs REGT 4) Photo Base of casings factory identification marks 2 5) Photo of P Dillon in uniform 6) Photo German prisoners in forest clearing in France 7) Photo German officer and men
    • As a small child visiting my grandmother's home I was drawn to the two brass canisters that held pride of place each side of the hearth. They were always filled with either fresh or dried flowers. I was also curious as to the engravings and wording that embellished them. Grandmother went on to explain to me that they were German ammunition shells brought back from France by her brother Patrick who during the latter stages of the war was responsible for the care of German prisoners of war. Sadly Patrick died a few years later so my grandmother inherited them. She went on to tell me that he was a kind and caring gentleman and despite being a British soldier he was obviously well thought of by those German prisoners, as they engraved both shells for him. One engraving was a portrait of a lady surrounded by roses, on the reverse side of the shell, Patrick's regimental badge, South Lancashire Prince of Wales Volunteers, his name and rank. The other shell was engraved in much the same way. She then produced the family album showing me a photograph of Patrick in his army uniform, alongside a photograph of a group of German soldiers which appeared to be in a clearing in a forest or wood. She believed the forest was somewhere in France and the men prisoners under Patrick's supervision. When grandmother passed away they became the possession of my Aunt Mary who also proudly displayed them on her hearth. Now nearly a hundred years later I am the proud possessor of both the shells ( which are also on my Hearth). The photographs are now in my family album. I am sure grandmother would be pleased and proud for you all to share, on this special day, one soldiers experience from WW1. Joan G




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    • Western Front



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    • France
    • http://sws.geonames.org/3017382/
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    • Western Front

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